10" Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Block filter used for water purifier

Model Number:JTO-T25105

Product Description

Jietai Custom Carbon Blocks

◆ JIETAI carbon block filters are made of  premium coconut shell activated carbon with outstanding filtration performance, Jietai carbon block can be widely used in residential, commercial and food service drink water filtertion applications and industrial water treatment.


Extraordinary chlorine reduction capability

Low pressure drop/Uniformly structured

Long working life/High dirt capacity 

No release of carbon fines

No Channeling or bypassing

High carbon content/NSF 42 certificated


Jietai Carbon blocks can be customized to reduce a wide variety of cotaminants, Such as:

Chlorine, cysts, Lead, Chloramine, Lindane, Enarin, Atrazine, Carbofuran,Benzene, TTHM, Particulates, Class I


Standard Carbon Block

Jietai's standard carbon block filters are highly effiecient in reducing chlorine taste and odor, organic contaminants, Sediments, ect. 

Specification for our carbon block:


Performance claims are based on independent laboratory and manufacture's internal test data. Micron ratings are based on >85% removal of the given particle size. Estimated capacity is based on >90% reduction  2ppm of free chlorine.

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