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Material safety and consistent quality are guaranteed. Dedicated to water filtration technologies, 

Jietai is committed to providing great water filtration products and services for customers.

Why Choose Us ?

Certificated Quality

NSF,SGS Certified Products,we have always adhered tothe industry's highest productstandards, customer demand-oriented technology as the core competitiveness

R&D Capability

Highly skilled engineering and R&D technicians with extensive and professional knowledge of the water purification industry provide custom proprietary product designs and are able to translate customer design requirements into unique and effective product designs.

Quick Delivery

With skilled and strictly trained technical workers, automated production equipment, fast raw material procurement and supply system, all of which ensure the rapid production capacity and on-time delivery of our products.

10+Years Experience

The company's main management, technical team and skilled workers have an average of more than ten years of industry R&D and production experience, making us fully capable of meeting your expectations and requirements

7*24 Customer Service

Satisfying the needs of customers is always our top priority. At any time, you can tell us your opinions, suggestions and needs, and we are always here ready to solve problems for you.

How To Work With Us


Submit Request
Communicate your requirements to us in a document or in person


Replied Within 24h
If you need to contact customer service, call or leave a message for us


Customized Product Solution
We have customized product solutions to meet our customers' needs


Manufacturing& Shipping
Design and development customized proprietary products,one of the best choices for your ODM/OEM water treatment solutions.
Our Partners

"Maybe there are many manufacturers like JT in this world, but I'm sure not every one has the absolutely amazing customer service that this company has. The company is proud of their product, their goal seems to be more than just making money, they are willing to grow with their customers, and even they understand their customers' needs better than the customers themselves, and support their customers when they really need it".



 “We needed a custom filter element to meet the specific needs of our customers in our region. In fact, we have been looking for a long time, maybe our needs are a bit special, the product is a bit complicated, and we have not found an ideal partner. Until we met Jietai, they were very patient and professional, and now, we are enjoying our cooperation and friendship with them”.



"Great customer service, good delivery time, premium product, although the initial communication was long and there were some minor differences, in short, I am satisfied so far. Would recommend."



"Their work is rigorous, enthusiastic, and willing to take the time for us, although custom projects are hard work, thankfully, everything is going well so far. Thanks!"




Jietai's manfacturing facility is equipped with 

various advanced automatic production machinery

Rotary Melting Machine

Automatic Filling and Welding

Injection Molding Machine





NSF42 ListA

NSF42 ListB

NSF42 ListC

NSF42 ListD


Jietai is a certified ODM supplier of water filtration solutions, providing our customers with full-cycle 

services from design, production, logistics, etc. Our factories and products are certified by NSF, BV, SGS, 

Chinese Ministry of Health, ISO and other organizations.We take great pride in our craftsmanship, and the use of quality materials 

from domestic and international suppliers. Through our innovative design capabilities and advanced production facilities, 

Jietai is able to meet customers' product application specifications and exceed their expectations.

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