2.5' X 10' standard CTO Filter Cartridge

JT Activated Carbon Block Filter Technolog

Our Carbon block are manufactured using 100% pure coconut shell activated carbon and unique binder with Jietai’s proprietory innovative manufacturing techniques. After years of development and improvement, Jietai carbon block technology breaks through the bottleneck of the traditional carbon block technologies, and maximally retains the well-developed pore

structure of the orignial activated carbon. In this way, the performance of the carbon block is greatly enhanced. 

Product Description:


                                                            Jietai’s 10 inch chlorine reduction CTO carbon block filter is highly effective in removing chlorine, organic chemicals, and sediments from 

                                                            water. It consists of a carbon block wrapped by a PP exterior fiber, two end caps and gaskets. The carbon block is made of premium coconut shell 

                                                      activated carbon. All materials are food grade safe and NSF/ANSI compliant. The chlorine reduction performance meets NSF/ANSI 

                                                      42 Standard. It also provides a 5μm nominal filtration, reducing rusts, silts, etc. It is an ideal solution for use in pre and post RO carbon systems.



                                                             Features And Benefits:

                                                             · NSF42 certified carbon block

                                                             · Made from premium coconut shell activated carbon  

                                                             · Outstanding contaminat reduction effciency and capacity

                                                             · Retains beneficial minerals in water

                                                             · Delivers great tasting filtered water

                                                             · Low pressure drop

                                                             · High dirt capacity

                                                             · Long service life


                                                             Quality promise

                                                             Manufactured using 100% pure NSF 61 certified coconut shell activated carbon.

                                                             Tested and certified against NSF/ANSI42/53/401 Standard for material safety structure integrity and systems performance by NSF international

                                                             Production site and quality management system certified to ISO 9001 standards. 

                                                      Health Licence for Products Involving Drinking Water Santation and Safety




                                                             Performance claims are based on manufacturer's internal test data. Actual performance is dependent upon influent water quality, flow rates, 

                                                             system design and application. All information presented here is based on data believed to be reliable. It is offered for evaluations 

                                                             and verification, but is not to be considered a warranty of any kind.

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