Water filter straw

Item NoHW-001


Size34*220mm / 1.34*8.66inch

ApplicationCamping, Backpacking, Traveling,Fishing, Climbing,

                       Boating, Outdoor Survival, Prevent Emergencies, Riding

Water sourcePool, wetland, streams, rivers, tap water

MOQ500 pcs

Product Description:



            Unique Missile style design for outdoor use

            Anti slip surface design

            Durable and safe material(ABS, BPA free)


            Two stage filtration for safe and pure water

            Long life capacity

            Filters are replaceable for eco friendly

            Convenient use:

            Single use or connect with bottles for more ways to use


            First stage (two options):  

            a, Activated carbon cartridge with PP cotton                                                                                                                            

            b, Carbon fiber cartridge

            Function: Block particles, absorpt contaminants and improve taste, odor, color,  protect UF filter for longer life capacity. 

            Second stage

            Hollow Membrane UF filter

            Function: 0.1 micron filter pore size to block bacterial and virus, cyst etc for safe water

            Howllow fiber and cartridge are replaceable

        Life capacity :

            Activated carbon cartridge: 15G (60L)

            Carbon fiber: 80G (300L)

            UF filtration: 1500G (6000L) 

            Note: The above data is from JT internal testing lab. The life capacity is depending on source water quality

         INSTRUCTIONS :   

           Open the cap before using.Place filter bottom into the water. Apply suction 3-5 times to allow the water to reach your mouth-piece.

         After USING EACH TIME :

            After each use please blow air through the mouthpiece to keep the filter clean and prevent clogging. Blow through the mouthpiece to get a better flow rate before each use.

         How to use:



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